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About Delta Alpha Omega

Thank you for your interest in Delta Alpha Omega™ Multicultural Fraternity Inc,. As you search for a fraternity to call your own, I understand that you have questions about the organization that will shape your future. This message is intended to serve as a brief introduction to Delta Alpha Omega™ and the many ways we achieve our mission of bringing you “change from beginning to end.”.

Delta Alpha Omega™ Fraternity was founded in 2001 upon the basis of change from beginning to end, meaning when you cross into the blue, we hope you as an individual can experience change from when you cross to when you graduate from college.

As a fraternity we are comparatively young but we envision a major change in terms of expanding across the nation, first and foremost, Texas. We have grown into an organization that focuses on providing our men with a unique college experience, one built in our nine founding principles, which are Unity, Initiative, Academics, Integrity, Character, Leadership, Brotherhood, Individuality, and Community Service. We accomplish this through perseverance and annual seminars known as “Gryphon Coalitions” where we learn to be better men and do a greater good for our community.

Delta Alpha Omega™ has reached a milestone. On August 18, 2011, our Fraternity reached a decade in existence. New initiatives in Service, Brotherhood, Scholarship, and an expansion of our organization have been planned and we look forward to another decade of excellence. With that being said, Congratulations to all Brothers of Delta Alpha Omega™ Multicultural Fraternity Inc. for putting the effort into making this possible.

We are men of a new millennium and constantly strive for the advancement in ourselves and for the improvement of the communities we come from and live in. The new age demands so much from and we as prospects are willing to rise to challenges that it presents. We are the men of the Delta Chapter of Delta Alpha Omega™ Multicultural Fraternity Incorporated and we ARE the future.

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There are three traits we abide by in joining our fraternity



To us, we believe that brotherhood is a special, private bond that not only lets you bond with friends that will last for a semester or four years, but for life. It is a great experience any college student can cherish.


Our goal is that each brother becomes fruitful in the end of their college life. As a brother, you can expect study sessions, community involvement, professional development and service opportunities to help ou grow personally and professionally


We hope that by spending a lot of time with us, our camaraderie will build a strong bond that will last for a lifetime. Thus, whenever a brother needs help, he will have some to depend on.